SAP Business One ERP – Property management software

SAP Business One ERP – Property management software

Property Type

The term “Property” refers to the main building structure housing the property units that are being rented. Properties can be classified by type, for example residential, Office building, Shopping mall.

Property Locations

Property Unit Type

The main property is comprised by property units. The property units are rented by tenants. Property units can be classified by type, for example Studio Appartment, 1 bedroom apartment, 2 bedroom apartment, etc.

Property Units

All rental property units must be defined in the system. They can be entered by the end user or uploaded in the system using an XL file template. Information such as the unit code, property code, unit type, space, price and others must be provided. Each property unit can be treated as a cost / profit center and can be linked to SAP financials cost dimensions.


Expenses refer to additional charges for utilities – i.e. electricity, water – offered services such as cleaning, gardening, security and maintenance. Expenses are pre-defined in the system and are included in tenant agreements. Expenses can be charged on the basis of a fixed fee or by square meter of property unit area. They are considered as part of the periodic billing..



Tenant/Owner agreements can be defined and printed for signature and electronic filing. The agreement include information on the tenant, the property unit, the period (start and end date), the rental amount and additional services/charges that may apply. The financial information included in the agreement are considered by the automated billing.

An approval workflow is available when defining or renewing contacts. The contract is initially entered by the end user. An approval stage applies to confirm the contract details. Once the contract is signed by the tenant it gets activated and becomes effective in the billing process.
Invoicing/Billing process

The billing process is automated via a billing wizard. The wizard considers the active contracts, the rental amount and additional services/charges included in the contract and generates an invoice for each tenant on a periodic basis (i.e. once a month)

Reporting & Search function

A search function is available to search for properties based on a variety of criteria. You can search by property type, property availability, by contract expiry date, by price range and by space range.

Workflow alerts

Workflow alerts are available to alert the user of certain events. Examples include but are not limited to; alert for expired contracts, alert for expired reservations, alert to approve a contract, alert for uncollected rent, etc.

Project Management Solution- Maringo

Nowadays Project Costing, Resource Planning, Project Control, Billing has become the base of any project management solution. ProCons Joined forces with Maringo to simplify the process for all Small and Medium Enterprises in the industry. Despite the large scope of function, MARIProject is an affordable solution. Proven SAP standards ensure a quick implementation of the software.
As an award winning SAP partner and full service provider, we are here to simplify the implementationand guide you through the entire process.
The integration of Maringo’s project management functionalities with the ERP software SAP Business One helps you reduce mistakes in data recording and saves time for administration and cost for software maintenance. In addition, MARIProject enables timesaving costing and provides powerful reports at the touch of a button.

Seidor Procons and Maringo joined forces to implement efficient project management in the MENA region. Some of the main functionalities include:
– Project Costing
– Project Purchasing,
– Planning,
– Project Billing,
– Controlling, T
– Time and Travel Sheet Entry,
– Support Desk and service modules.
– Efficient Project Costing

Additional requirements for the calculation, such as sales margins for goods and services, are stored in MARIProject. Therefore you are able to see your margin immediately in terms of value and as a percentage when calculating a project (see image on the right).
To meet the requirements of the particular project, you can change the default setting for each item. As a result, MARIProject will recalculate the margin.
Simple document creation and flexible document shipping
When the calculation is complete, generate the sales quotation automatically in the corporate design of your company. Print out the document or send it in PDF format as an attachment to any e-mail.

Project-related purchasing

Competitive procurement and efficient stock control ensure the economic success of a project, especially in the ECO industry. SAP Business One provides functions for general procurement and stock control.
Learn more about Purchasing in SAP Business One
MARIProject extends these functions by project-related purchasing functionalities. It is possible to procure items for a specific phase of the project. The costs are automatically assigned to the phase and are billed after completion of the phase. These functionalities help you get a clear overview of the project costs and simplify the billing process, especially for long-term projects.

Efficient planning of time & costs

With MARI Project, you can plan time and costs in one step (see image “Cost planning” on the right) because the purchasing and sales prices of all resources are stored in the ERP software SAP Business One. The concurrent planning helps you to save time and to reduce also transmission errors.
All resources are planned in the same way, whether it be employees, items, equipment & machines or resource pools.

Simple time tracking & booking

MARIProject allows time tracking based on your individual needs: Services (project times) or pure attendance times can be entered in the back office, via Internet, smartphone or tablet (Android, iOs).
Through the integrated time recording, costs are always assigned to the project and are immediately included in the analyses. As a result, you are always up to date.

Working time models always in mind: Define the working time account (e.g. full time, part time etc.) in the employee calendar. Based on the time recording, the accounts are compared, overtime is determined and transferred to a flextime account if necessary.
Hours List: MARIProject generates a flexible hours list at the touch of a button, for example to submit it with the invoice to the customer.
Approval Process: Many companies have defined approval process. These processes can be represented also in MARIProject: The project manager, for example, can approve recorded hours before they are billed to the customer. It is possible to approve project hours completely or only partially.

Complete recording of travel expenses

The entry of travel expenses in accordance with the laws is a fairly complicated matter. To facilitate the procedure, the different travel categories (hotel, airfare, kilometers driven by company car or private car, accommodation allowance etc.) with the tax requirement under current German law are already stored in MARIProject.
Travel expenses can be entered in the back office or also via mobile devices. When recording travel expenses, the employee can directly assign the travel costs to a project.
In addition, MARIProject helps represent the complete travel expenses processing.

Internal Accounting and Billing

After the travel expenses have been approved by the project manager, the accounting department can reimburse the employee the travel expenses and – depending on the contract – can bill the costs to the customer so that there are no delays in billing and no amounts remain open.
Learn more about Project Billing


Once the travel expenses are recorded, MARIProject considers them in the project analyses. As a result, you are always up to date.

Integrated support desk

The support desk (user help desk) of MARIProject allows online customer service for 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support. The ticket system for the processing of software messages with IT service providers is especially helpful.
Through the integration of MARIProject withSAP Business One, the staff of the customer service have all the information they need for the processing of customer requests: customer data, projects, used products etc.

Service module for maintenance

The service module of MARIProject has been developed for the processing of maintenance and repair operations. It is interesting for companies that produce
• Products, such as (medical) equipment, telephone systems or IT infrastructure
• Constructions, such as elevators, air conditioners, solar plants and wind parks
With MARIProject you optimally manage the entire maintenance & repair process with one software and keep always track of the costs.
Rely on already stored product and customer information while planning orders. Schedule dates and maintenance intervals, the duration of a process and the provided employees.
The system generates a specification of costs during the planning which can be used for the sales quotation to the customer. It is also possible to deposit check lists, pick lists and packing lists for the placement of the service vehicle.
Processing & Documentation

Once the order is placed, the service vehicle is loaded based on the generated pick and packing list. The service staff can view the service tasks planned for them with all customer information (address, geo information of the location etc.) online, for example on their tablet (cmp. screenshot “Service Dashboard” and “May Service Tasks” on the right).
The service staff document their approach on the spot, add if necessary the unplanned consumption of materials and use the mobile time and travel expenses entry. Finally, the customer confirms – also online – the completed operation with his signature.
Billing & Reporting

Immediately upon completion of the data entry, the order can be billed to the customer and is automatically posted.
Because all data is available in the system, you can track the success of the customer service in daily up-to-the-minute analyses.

Simple project billing

As studies repeatedly show, especially service providers often do not bill services because the services are recorded in different systems and as a result, are not available or not available in a timely manner in the accounting.
MARIProject simplifies the complete project billing because services, items and travel expenses have to be entered only once in the system. This enables you to keep track of all data.

Reports for the controlling

MARIProject combines all project-specific data: planning times, costing, recorded services and used materials etc. In particular in the project controlling, integrated time recording, planning and billing is an advantage because you save a lot of time to search for relevant data.
In a matter of seconds, you have access to reliable, up-to-the minute project analyses and recognize without much effort differences of time and budget. This helps you detect negative developments at an early stage so that you can counteract promptly.
• Included by default: More than 200 templates for reports such as percentage of completion, residual volume, planned/actual comparison of project hours, employee capacity, project totals etc
• In addition, you can define company-specific analyses (e.g. breakeven analysis per project) or a visually prepared dashboard for th
• e comparison of planned and actual hours per customer.
Systematic project controlling
Systematic project controlling is essential to secure the company’s success. For this reason, the pre-configured reports, which are contained by default, are one of the key benefits of the project management solution MARIProject.
Real-time reports for projects with large amounts of data
Lots of data come together in medium-sized businesses every day. To be able to evaluate this targeted data (e.g. for the range selection), a solution like SAP Business One on HANA is helpful.

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  • SAP’s ability to access data in a single platform has succored our organization prodigiously in customer relationship and stock maintenance. SAP Business one supported with Lumira platform is a shipshape tool for engendering diversified reports and achieving data analysis over various dimensions. SAP Business One significantly improved our delivery, quality, and pricing system.

    Hariharan Rl, IT Manager | Identiscents FZC

  • The relationship map function provides all the related transactions on a workflow in one single go. The query generator provides the flexibility to capture the required data to complete any complex business analysis. “The query generator provides the flexibility to capture the required data to complete any complex business analysis.”

    Cherian Abraham – General Manager | Computer World W. L. L. (Lebanon)

  • The SAP Business One fits the need of our growing business. The system provides us with excellent reading for our current situation to better forecast the future. The solution is a key to implement the best business practices. The SAP business one fits the need of our growing business.

    Joseph Bejjani – IT Manager | Golden Food s.a.l. – Lebanon

  • SAP Business One streamlines our operations, increased the IT efficiency, and provided us closer business insights. By using SAP Business One, we were able to have more control on our operations and better visibility on our inventories.

    Ali Al Shamsi , General Manager | Hamad RahmaAbdulla Al ShamsiGeneral

  • With the supoort of SAP Business One and it’s smooth and simplified processes, we are able to focus on our business and our clients’ needs

    Nima Mansoor Faqihi, managing director | MansoorAhmad Mohammad Co LLC

  • SAP Business One system can define the process clearly and maintain properly with secure process flow. Moving to SAP B1 from our previous Management System, “our headache relieves”

    Benidick Vega, Senior Supply Chain Executive | Shiseido


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  • “Our experience with Seidor Procons and SAP Business One has been very satisfactory. We have accomplished our goals and looking forward to expanding our business with the same quality of products and customer satisfaction .''  Muhammad Asim, General Manager

    | Bringing Bait Al Kandora

  • “The combination of an impeccable ERP SAP Business One with an experienced team to implement it is the key for the success of this project and its fast results.'' Mr. Mubarak Taj, CFO, Al Baraka Dates Factory LLC

    | Al Barakah Dates Factory

  • “SAP Business One allows us to create a controlled environment in the workplace.” Mr. Nibu Varghese - IT Head, Andalus Trading Company.

    | Andalus Trading Company

  • “We are proud to have a business partner as Seidor Procons, we are not just a customer to them. We are a family.” Yasser Abu Basha, Business intelligence Director, City Glass

    | City Glass– Producing our high quality products with SAP® Business One

  • “We can’t have our dreams accomplished without having a strong ERP system as SAP Business One.” Kerolos Botros Ayad, General Manager, Ambit cook

    | Ambit Cook– Providing best sales services with SAP® Business One

  • “SAP Business One and Seidor Procons are our long time partners in success.” Rabea Hosny, IT manager, Al-Khabir

    | Al-Khabir– Improving our sale cycle with SAP® Business One

  • “We needed a partner that could accommodate our  growth and this partner was SAP Business One” Gaby Mikaelian, Head of sales, Liquigas

    | Liquigas

  • “SAP Business One and Seidor Procons are helping us take the right decisions to a sure growth in the future.” Mohamed Kalot, General Manager, Ets. Abdulrahim Diab.

    | Abdulrahim Diab

  • “The whole success story of implementing SAP Business One was the team assigned to it'' Marc Waked, General Manager, Libanlait

    | Libanlait

  • SAP Business One has optimized our cooperation across member states and allowed us to offer more comprehensive council

    | Gulf Health Council

  • Check our new SAP Business One success stories with many SMEs from different industries across the region.

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  • SAP Business One provides real time data making our business operation transparent to all decision makers at all levels

    - | Speed Marine Est.

  • Expanding the business and growing with SAP Business One ® and Seidor Procons “I look at SAP Business One as a partner able to support me while doing an expansion” Ramzi Jalbout, CEO, Gutmann

    | Gutmann ME

  • Bringing the Lebanese taste and food all over the Gulf markets with Seidor Procons and SAP Business One ® “SAP Business One is something that brought joy to my life” Jihad El Eit, CEO, Manoushe Street

    | Manoushe Street

  • Constructing several buildings at a time requires perfect control over logistics and resources. Teejan has all the tools they need to do it thanks to SAP Business One.  

    | Teejan Contracting

  • SAP Business One allows us to scale our business without compromising on our quality. Our customers have experienced faster supply to orders thanks to SAP Business One accurate supply and demand forecast. Sabinkumar Baby– IT Manager

    | Optical Supplies Companies

  • SAP Business One from Seidor Procons helped Diet Center to run all their internal business processes smoothly: Production, Finance, Clinic, Accounting, HR, and Purchasing.

    | Diet Center

  • “SAP Business One has enabled us to overcome many challenges we faced before . The insightful reporting and automated operations has highly improved our efficiency ” Hazem Beshr– CEO

    | New City Glass

  • SAP Business One and Seidor Procons were a strategic partnership, helping SMS Bearings to transform the company's financial, sales and logistics.

    | SMS Bearings

  • SELCOP has streamlined their processes and improved efficiency thanks to SAP Business One and Seidor Procons.

    | SELCOP

  • Digital transformation for AQAR, a real-estate development and investment company based in Qatar, with SAP Business One and Seidor Procons. ''We are looking in different way to the future in terms of more success and great achievements, our vision is accomplished with a strong and reliable ERP system - SAP Business One.''

    | AQAR

  • Thanks to SAP Business One we are well suited to pursue bigger line products and gain competitive advantage in the market . SAP Business One has added great value to our operation and contributed to our profit. Claire COFFART ,Factory Manager

    Claire COFFART - Factory Manager | L’Origine

  • "Our customer have benefited from our streamlined operations. Our offers are responsive to seasonal demands and our supplies are always available " Joydeep Mazumder – GM

    Joydeep Mazumder - GM | Al Zahem and Malhotra General

  • ”SAP Business One benefits were immediate since the implementation. SAP Business One has had a positively impact on every aspect of our business. We are particularly pleased at how it fits our unique line of products.” Kyriakos Papantoniou – Director - D2M Solutions

    Kyriakos Papantoniou - Director | D2M Solutions

  • "After carefully considering to many systems, we found SAP Business One to be the most efficient platform for us and our staff. SAP Business One allowed us to deliver the service we aim for and our customers are noticing the difference." Mohammad Zaher Albunni – administration manager– LYA Electro Trading

    Mohammad Zaher Albunni - Administration Manager | Lya Electro trading

  • Our milk production is complex and time consuming. SAP Business One has truly simplified our operation management. This has increased our control and transparency and allowed us to dedicate more time on sales and marketing.” Akram Ramadan Finance Manager, Emirates Industry for camel milk & Products

    Akram Ramadan - Finance Manager | Camelicious

  • SAP’s ability to access data in a single platform has succored our organization prodigiously in customer relationship and stock maintenance. SAP Business one supported with Lumira platform is a shipshape tool for engendering diversified reports and achieving data analysis over various dimensions.

    Hariharan Rl - IT Manager | Identiscents FZC

  • SAP Business One system can define the process clearly and maintain properly with secure process flow.

    Benidick Vega - Senior Supply Chain Executive | Shiseido

  • SAP Business One enabled us to incorporate all our dynamic activities into one single, easy to use system that helped us accomplish a high level of growth and success in our industry

    Ludovic Tonnerre - General Manager | Juffali PolyOne Masterbatches Co.

  • SAP Business One has its precise impact in organizing and having full record for financial and accounting data for all parties in charge, including business partners and fixed assets.

    Rania Nasr - Purchase Manager | Group of Al-Moutahed Co & UCPP Co.

  • The ERP provided a solid structure through which the diverse departments would effectively interlink and provide a better environment for reporting and control

    Hisham El Khodr - Internal Audit Manager | GLB INVEST

  • The SAP Business One is the business solution that we were dreaming about and we were not sure that this dream can come truth. With SAP Business One and local partner Seidor Procons, we had achieved our dream.”

    Joseph Massoud - General Manager | FORTESS s.a.r.l / Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator

  • We consider our decision is choosing SAP Business One as an achievement that saved us money and time. This shift in our operation has increased our capacity to take on more brands , products, and expand our line of business

    Umesh Sugandh - Finance Manager | Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company

  • The SAP Business One fits the need of our growing business. The system provides us with excellent reading for our current situation to better forecast the future. The solution is a key to implement the best business practices.

    Joseph Bejjani - IT Manager | Golden Food s.a.l.

  • SAP Business One streamlined our operations, increased the IT efficiency and provided us closer business insights.

    Ali Al Shamsi - General Manager | Hamad Rahma Abdulla Al Shamsi General

  • iVend Retail Solution from CitiXsys is set up very well across all our entire stores to handle complex sales processes, promotions, offers & inventory and to schedule deliveries at a macro level. The product implementation & support team is very willing to work with us. The best part is the extensive feature set of the product that suits our line of business (Electronics Vertical), which is complex and different from the other Retail businesses.

    Yaseen Aljaizani - Co-Founder and CEO | AOC

  • SAP Business One is a must have ERP solution for our operations. It instantly keeps you informed and in control of pressing issues that require decisive action. SAP Business One & Seidor Procons helped us streamline our operations and allowed us to have better control and faster decision making.

    Camille Aoun - COO, Al Jassim Group | Al Jassim Group

  • SAP Business one gave us full control of our business operations; It is a flexible solution that meets the companies requirements and helps us ensure that all the processes are acting together to support our growth

    Abdul Halim Jarakji - General Manager | Maatouk Coffee

  • This solution enables us to have more reliable financial data, unified chart of accounts, a more complete and accurate master data in our group.

    Raffi Shordjian - Finance Director | Sodamco Holding

  • With the support of SAP Business One and it‘s smooth and simplified processes, we are able to focus on our business and our clients‘ needs.

    Nima Mansoor Faqihi - Managind Director | Mansoor Ahmad Mohammad Co LLC

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